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  • By Admin
  • 15th January 2024

9 Yogic Breathing Practices for Mind-Body Balance and Healing

Breathing is the very essence of life and the first thing we do when we enter this world and the last thing when we depart. In between, our bodies absorb roughly half a billion breaths.

  • By Admin
  • 13th January 2024

7 Yogic Secrets For A Long Life

There are seven yogic health secrets for a long life. Living long is not the goal of yogis as such, but leading a healthy and long life provides enough time to master oneself and to achieve the ultimate spiritual state of oneness – which is the goal of yogis. It is for this reason that yogis have given recommendations on how to live long and while alive, how to keep the body and mind healthy and happy. Obviously living long in an unhealthy body and ill mind is not in anyone’s interest.

  • By Admin
  • 10th January 2024

How to Avoid Injuries During Yoga Practice

The ancient practice of yoga includes body, mind and spirit, encompassing everything that we need in order to live a peaceful and content life. Regular practice of yoga elevates a person to a higher level of optimal health, positivity and goodness.